To create access to business management and financial solutions for every small-medium-business around the world that transforms to extraordinary results.

Our Mission

To help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance, to scale the business as we become more profitable as we attract, develop and retain exceptional people and joint-venture partnerships.

Business Unite #1 Adult Health Care, Wellness and Pharmaceuticals
Healthcare and Medical Products and Services, Elderly, Veteran and Home Care Non-Medical and Pharmaceuticals

Business Unite #2 Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Integration
Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Business Unit #3 Business Management Consulting, Performance, Development and Staffing
Business Management Consulting & Administration, Professional Development and Contract

Business Unit #4 Commercial Construction
Construction & Commercial Development

Business Unit #5 Computer Design, Wireless and Telecommunications
Telecommunications & Computer Systems Design

Business Unit #6 Wholesale and Durable Goods
Office Supplies, Wholesale and Durable Goods

Business Unit #7 Heavy Machinery, Farm Equipment and Mining Resources
Agriculture, Mining, Heavy Machinery and Farming

Business Unit #8 Securities, Commodities and International Trade Finance
Securities and Commodities, International Trade Finance, Trusts and Other Financial Vehicles

Solutions & Service Offerings

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HUB Zone


NAICS Codes (North American Industry Classification System)

NAICS Code Industry Solution

About the Team

Tony J. Martin

Senior Managing Director

Tony J. Martin’s experience in the United States Navy as a naval engineer and a Naval Engineering Systems Schools Instructor, completing initial public offerings, over 40 mergers and acquisitions, coupled with investment banking experience at a Global Top 25 financial institution provides keen insight into several industries and sectors expanding capability and opportunities in pharmaceutical services, management consulting, , computer networking and design, telecommunications, supply chain logistics management, commercial construction development, corporate education and apprenticeship, research and development and financial services consulting.

Linda Martin

Senior Managing Director

Linda Martin is currently leading a company that has a 21-year history of managing and facilitating local, state and national-led solutions. She successfully integrated four business units to implement innovative care to the community to include Skilled Care Nursing, Home
Health Care, Non-medical Home Care and Therapy in her prior role as Executive Administrator

Mark Rice

Managing Director

Mark Rice is well experienced in leading profitability and efficiency within the healthcare, hospitality, and transportation sectors. Mark promotes efficient operational oversight by measuring and managing the agency’s key performance indicators while supporting the mission and goals of the organization.

Dr. Linda Avery

Managing Director

Dr. Avery transitioned from her last position as Director of Business Development/Owner Partner of Keller Williams Realty into the “Next Chapter” where her present business was born. Avery & Associates Realty, where she is the proud Founder and CEO. Dr. Avery is dedicated to finding new talent, the highest level of education, latest technology and keeping up with the “New Edge In Real Estate” and in Business worldwide.

Dr. Okezie Aruoma

Director of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science

Okezie Aruoma is an accomplished Senior Executive, Scientist, Consultant and Thought Leader with more than 25 years of success across the pharmaceutical, medical, food sustainability, for profit/non-profit and higher education industries

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