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A.C.A.I. Government Solutions Experts

Maximizing your business's success and impact through government contracts

A.C.A.I. Government Solutions Experts

Maximizing your business's success and impact through government contracts

Current Career Opportunities

From Construction Staff to Virtual Administrators to Chief of Staff, we have helped hundreds of clients find excellent candidates to help their administrative and operational departments provide the needed support in order to prosper and expand.

Our culture is to cultivate vetted virtual career paths for America’s Active Duty Military Spouses and Veterans.

We reduce the unemployment rate for Active-Duty Military Spouses and Veterans by connecting employers seeking to diversify and distribute their talent network to qualified virtual candidates, as well as on site staff.


· Fast Access to High-Performing Military Spouses, Veterans, and Cleared Staff in Every Position.

· 60k Candidates Free Career Readiness Training and Connections to Vetted Military Friendly Employers.

Some positions filled in the commercial and government sectors over the past few decades include:

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Project and PositionsHires Placed2021-2022 Compensation
- Exterior Evaluations Engineer
- Government Code Researcher
- Project Engineer
Curriculum Development 25$ 1,645,833.33
- Accessibility Specialist
- Assessment Author
- Content Author
- Course Creator
- Instructional Content Author
- Senior Project Director
- SME, Physics, German, etc.
Customer Service (Product based)575+$16,775,500.00
- Live Chat Service Contractor
- Phone Representative
Medical Administration and Staffing101$3,294,242.42
- Account Coordinator Contractors
- Clinical Success Contractor
- Curation Specialist
- Registered Nurse Advocate Contractor
- Registered Nurse Advocate Validations
- Onboarding and Compliance Contractor
Medical Technology Support150+$4,950,000.00
- Live Video Agents for Low Vision Patients
Payment Processing Conglomerate121$5,203,200.00
- Benefits Operations Specialist
- Carrier Operations Specialist
- COBRA Operations Specialist
- Customer Service Specialist
- Integration Analyst
- Junior Accountant
- Participant Solutions Specialist
- Solution Analyst
Personal, Home, and Auto Insurance91$4,266,080.00
Audit Analyst
- Billing Customer Service representative
- Customer Engagement Project Manager
- Customer Care Associate
- Coverage Specialist Sales Associate
- Customer Service Representative
- Customer Claims Associate
- Insurance Service Representatives
- Sales Counselor
- Sales Advisor
- Underwriter
Tax and Personal Finance 28$1,201,200.00
- QuickBooks Associate Bookkeeper
- QuickBooks Bilingual Senior Associate Bookkeeper
- QuickBooks Expert Bookkeeper
- QuickBooks Live Expert Bookkeeper
- QuickBooks Support
- TurboTax Credentialed Tax Expert – CP
- TurboTax Non-Credentialed Tax Associate
Virtual Administrators 25 $1,200,780.00
- Virtual Assistants
- Chief of Staff
- Accountant
- Bookkeeper
- Chief of Staff
- Executive Assistant
- Talent Analyst
E-Commerce 7$420,571.56
- Affiliate Marketing Manager
- Brand Administrator
- Merchandise Portfolio Forecaster
- Project Coordinator
- Social Media Manager
Education 4$220,000.00
- 1st – 12th Grade School Teachers
Government Contracting2$120,000.00
- Graphic Designer
- Proposal Writer
- Chief of Staff
- Executive Assistant
- Medical Biller and Coder
Insurance Brokerage3$120,000
- Bookkeeper
- Project Coordinator
- West Coast Sales Representatives
- Business Office Administrator
- Chief of Marketing
- Client Experience Expert
- High Volume Paralegal (500 case load)
Marketing, Media & Advertising19$702,100.00
- Content Producer
- Copy Writer
- Podcast Relationship manager
- Client Account Manager
- Google Ads Manager
- Development Coordinator
- Digital Marketing Specialist
Payment Processing5$247,674.00
- Copywriter / Email Marketing Expert
- Digital Marketing Specialist
- Lead Generation Specialist
Private Equity1$87,495.00
- Executive Assistant
Real Estate3$147,300.00
- Contract Transaction Coordinator
- Executive Assistant
HR / Recruiting3$143,750.00
- Data Analytics Specialist
- Recruiter
- Talent Manager
- Consult Routing Specialist
- People Operations
- UX Experience Designer

Ultra-High Performance Based Contracting

Annuit Coeptis & Associates Inc.

Annuit Coeptis & Associates Inc (ACAI) specializes in business development strategies for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing projects, providing expert MEP support for construction and HVAC sectors. We serve local, state, and federal government projects across the nation. With over 44 years of combined experience in project and program management, we are well-equipped to deliver top-tier construction and labor solutions.

At ACAI, we focus on meeting your specific needs by stabilizing costs, enhancing services, protecting assets, and reducing your workload through tailored solutions. Partner with us to experience a dedicated approach to your project's success.

Our team is comprised of DBE’s, MBE’s, WBE’s, SDVOSB’s, as well as Tier-One General Contractors.

NAICS codes

236220, 236210, 237990, 238130, 238220, 238330, 238310, 238320, 238350, 238990, 541611, 541618, 541690, 541990, 561320, 624120

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