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A.C.A.I. Government Solutions Experts

Maximizing your business's success and impact through government contracts

A.C.A.I. Government Solutions Experts

Maximizing your business's success and impact through government contracts

Our Mission

ACAI specializes in empowering companies to secure contracts with the federal government. For mature businesses, we serve as an adviser and Business Development for B2G (business-to-government) contracts and bids on an ongoing basis. Our global mission is through innovative controls, management processes and systems to provide immediate savings and overall customer satisfaction from our clients throughout the entire ecosystem.

Our Vision

We have selected experienced companies as potential Teaming Partners in several industries, from construction services, and staffing, to cyber-security products and various services. Our partners have the infrastructure and assets to support a variety of projects in diverse geographic locations, and from design to close out. Our vision is more than Consulting, our business is Trust







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About the Team

Tony J. Martin

Senior Managing Director

Tony J. Martin’s experience in the United States Navy as a naval engineer and a Naval Engineering Systems Schools Instructor, completing initial public offerings, over 40 mergers and acquisitions, coupled with investment banking experience at a Global Top 25 financial institution provides keen insight into several industries and sectors expanding capability and opportunities in pharmaceutical services, management consulting, , computer networking and design, telecommunications, supply chain logistics management, commercial construction development, corporate education and apprenticeship, research and development and financial services consulting.

L.R. (Elle) Martin

Senior Managing Director

L.R. (Elle) Martin is currently leading a company that has a 21-year history of managing and facilitating local, state and national-led solutions. She successfully integrated four business units to implement innovative care to the community to include Skilled Care Nursing, Home Health Care, Non-medical Home Care and Therapy in her role as Executive Administrator

Mark Rice

Senior Managing Director

Mark Rice is well experienced in leading profitability and efficiency within the healthcare, hospitality, and transportation sectors. Mark promotes efficient operational oversight by measuring and managing the agency’s key performance indicators while supporting the mission and goals of the organization.

Dr. Okezie Aruoma

Director of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Science

Okezie Aruoma is an accomplished Senior Executive, Scientist, Consultant and Thought Leader with more than 25 years of success across the pharmaceutical, medical, food sustainability, for profit/non-profit and higher education industries

David L. Kuykendoll

Managing Partner

An accomplished professional with 30 years of experience in electrical engineering, project management, sales, marketing, professional supervision, industrial construction, healthcare, mission critical (data centers), HVAC/fire alarm markets and Six Sigma quality certified. Retired Military Officer of the United States Army Reserve.

Joseph C. Miller

Managing Partner

An accomplished professional with 25 years of experience with mechanical engineering, project management, business development and sales, implementing facility improvements based on key performance indicators by driving results.

Ultra-High Performance Based Contracting

Annuit Coeptis & Associates Inc.

Annuit Coeptis & Associates Inc (ACAI) is a consultancy firm specializing in Administrative Management and General Management, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Additionally, we operate a Health Care Facility located in Mid-Michigan. Our core expertise lies in business development strategies and the formulation of comprehensive plans to ensure the successful execution of each project. We excel in assembling diverse teams to provide Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing support across the country, with a particular focus on construction/HVAC. Furthermore, we are proud to extend our services to local, state, and federal government projects nationwide.

Our collective teaming partners and associates bring together a wealth of experience boasting over 44 years in administrative management, construction, construction labor solutions, industrial labor solutions, medical & nonmedical staffing, both in federal, state and commercial markets.

At ACAI, we are committed to partnering with you to address your needs effectively. Whether it's stabilizing costs, enhancing services, safeguarding your building's assets, or reducing your workload, we offer individual or integrated solutions that cater to your specific requirements.

NAICS codes

236220, 236210, 237990, 238130, 238220, 238330, 238310, 238320, 238350, 238990, 518210, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541611, 541618, 541620, 541690, 562112, 541990, 561320, 561790, 562211, 562910, 623110, 621112, 624120, 923120.

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