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Maximizing your business's success and impact through government contracts

With ACAI, we will complement our capabilities with proprietary solutions and a tailored approach to provide a best-in-class ecosystem for you.

Our cyber-security solutions top federal government agencies and commercial government contractors with the most demanding secure site-to-site solution known available on the market today.

DarkLink™ and DarkStor™, are fully programmable, ultra-high-performance network encryption (cyber-security) appliances designed to process data at speeds of 100 Gigabits (Gbs) to 800 Gbs per second. DarkStor and DarkLink share high-speed, scalable architecture with packet and crypto processing and programmable high-density input/output (I/O). This architecture is based on a typical field-programmable gate array (FPGA) platform architecture that can be programmed for different market segments, including commercial corporations and government defense.

Our team offers:

· Enterprise network class, ultra-high performance (10Gigabits (Gps) to 800Gigabits),

· (Secure site-to-site protection) secure network appliances to protect Big data storage infrastructure

· Site-to-site data in transit protection.

· Products protect 90% of the data hacks

· Uniquely encrypt any file-based network storage system

· Protect any site-to-site network from snooping, hacking and DDoS

· Security-resistant protected designs to ensure data security and integrity


Administrative Management and General Management Consulting

Commercial and Institutional Building Construction


Information Technology, Software Development & Systems Engineering

Medical and Career Staffing Service

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Ultra-High Performance Based Contracting

Annuit Coeptis & Associates Inc.

Annuit Coeptis & Associates Inc. (ACAI) includes a portfolio of companies ideal for meeting Federal Agency set-asides including Service Disabled Veteran/Veteran Owned Small Business, Tribal 8(a) Entity, Women-Owned Small Business, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. Through our collective teaming partners and associates, ACAI delivers an extensive past performance and expertise in the federal and commercial marketplace with over 44 years of experience in administrative management, construction, and medical & nonmedical staffing.  Let us, partner, with you to help stabilize costs, improve services, protect your building’s assets, and reduce your workload through individual or integrated solutions.

NAICS codes

236220, 236210, 237990, 238130, 238220, 238330, 238310, 238320, 238350, 238990, 518210, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541611, 541618, 541620, 541690, 562112, 541990, 561320, 561720, 561790, 562211, 562910, 623110, 621112, 624120, 923120.

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